Imagine Your Best Life…

Disconnection – between you and what you want for yourself – or between you and someone you love – can be sad, lonely, frightening, and incredibly frustrating.

What I Offer:

I offer expertise in both trauma and couples therapies, which means I’m able to move flexibly between the inner work of the individual and the in-between work of the couple or family while helping you:

• Identify and heal the root causes of strong emotional reactions and behaviors

• Nurture and strengthen core gifts and visions of what you want for yourself

• Identify and transform negative cycles of conflict and withdrawal that keep you from loving connection

• Develop vital communication and relationship skills

• Gain clarity and develop positive patterns to live joyful and satisfying lives

As human beings, we are wired to connect. There are proven ways to overcome stressful and traumatic events, change difficult behaviors, and live more fully.

Together, let’s strengthen the bonds that make possible the journeys within, between, and among