front_finalSpotlight of Love: Insights and Skills for Couples is a practical guide for those seeking connection, balance, and clarity. Informed by research, professional practice, and personal experience, this book helps the reader answer questions such as: Why do the same negative cycles keep repeating, and what shifts can I make? How do I hold onto me and reach for you at the same time? And how can we build or rebuild our trust and connection?

In this book, Cheli Lange explores that which is most personal and precious, timeless and universal in order to communicate subtle truths and expand conversations that lead to interconnection and finding a true home.

All proceeds (100% of book sales) are donated to the Trauma Recovery—EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs, which provide trauma-informed therapy to survivors and first responders in the wake of natural or man-made disasters throughout the world. 

Advance Praise

“If the foundational relationship of your life could use a little attention – and really, whose couldn’t? – then this book is an absolute treasure. It is a roadmap through the fog, a helping hand to pull us out of the ruts which we unconsciously return to. We are in the gentle and caring arms of a master. Cheli Lange gives us the toolbox, then teaches us how to use everything inside it, and inside ourselves, to finally stop the cycles that limit and harm our most important relationships. Her compassion and insight shine through on every page of this vital book.”

-David Lloyd, ESPN Sportscenter Anchor

“Just yesterday I was describing the Spotlight to a new couple, and within minutes the husband said, ‘Oh wow. I realize I’ve been so selfish. I kept grabbing the spotlight when she needed it.’ Trust me—that sort of instant insight is rare. Cheli’s beautifully elucidated model distills her deep and broad knowledge into an elegant, straightforward recipe for quickly improving your relationship.”

-Macdara MacColl, LMFT

“In a world filled with so much uncertainty and strife, Cheli offers deep insight in easily understood language that can be readily applied to couples (or anyone) wanting to heal or strengthen their relationships.”

-Deborah A. Thomas, PhD, Psychologist

“I will definitely buy this book for my adult children.”

-Julia Lawrence, Mother of Two

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